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Shien’s Advisor has lot of great strengths and a lot of hurting weaknesses; it’s not incredibly strong, though it’s effect punishes many mono-type decks, and that makes him so very well designed in my opinion.

While it’s heartbreaking that he missed out on getting a “Six Samurai” title to give him compatibility with Shien’s Squire to Synchro for Shi En, allow Kizan and Grandmaster to come to the field and the ability to accumulate counters on United, Dojo and Gateway, there are a lot of good things to say about him.

His effect says that when he’s Normal Summoned alongside a Six Samurai partner, he can shut down one type of monster from being attacked or Special Summoned as long as exists on the field to punish mono-type decks, loaded with a specific theme.

Because the Six Samurai have a lot of Special Summoning effects in their arsenal, it isn’t implausible to drop him on the same turn as, say, Elder and go into Shi En, or Double-Edged Sword Technique for Shi En or Shadow, or something like that. Also, with his ability putting a restriction on both Special Summoning and attacking, it could easily become relevant in a format where Atlanteans rise to power or Blackwings make a resurgence. If you can stop Icarus Attack, Advisor can be a huge boon to your goals.

Even against Chaos Dragons, he isn’t awful. Granted, Xyz monsters have such variety that protecting him can be a challenge, but even if only to stop attacking Dragons for a turn or two and give you the extra time to draw what you need, he can be a game changer.

The main man himself, Kippōshi (吉法師), the man who initiated the unification of Japan in the 16th Century and a prevalent Shogun in the Sengoku Period, the embodiment of Oda Nobunaga’s memory: Great Shogun Shien. The original Boss Monster of the Six Samurai archetype.

During a Magical Explosion format that left Dimension Fusion banned, this monster was the linchpin to storming tournament tops, and was responsible for a YCS victory against Adam Corn.

Flash forward to the current day, and our man in red isn’t the same powerhouse he used to be, now being out-flashed by his younger incarnation Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En. However, due to the relative ease of summoning two Six Samurai with Kizan, Kageki, Mizuho and Shinai, it’s not an unlikely thing to make happen to summon and take advantage of this guy.

Pairing him with Shi En won’t create the same lock that some people might think, but at the same time, it’s clear that he can create plays where you’ll let through a bad Spell or Trap to make sure a good Spell or Trap doesn’t go off. Also, they can’t play a Spell or Trap and chain another, because the activation of the first Spell/Trap hasn’t been negated yet.

There are definitely tactical applications to his presence, but he does run the risk of being dead in the mid-game if both players get kicked to top-draw mode.

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